Who we are

We are ProAbility, and we provide crucial workplace support to people managing long-term health conditions.

We work with both employees and employers to bring about mutual understanding, clear communications and fair solutions that work for everybody.

Our work prevents people from becoming isolated from their workplace, and allows employers to find ways to hold on to their staff. We are a social enterprise, and with this in mind we always put social impact first. We tailor our approach to each and every person and business we work with.

We work with employers to help them retain staff whose lives have been impacted by cancer and long term health conditions. It is our aim to fulfil their potential in the workplace.

Through advice, specialist training, consultancy and ongoing support we enable employers to provide the right support at the right time for their employees.  This promotes a positive working environment to the benefit of all – for your team, for your workplace culture and for your business.

When we work with employees and individuals, we evaluate the needs of each and every person we are involved with and take an in-depth look at how their workplace is supporting them. After assessing their situation, we offer personalised, dedicated support. We care about what we do and we ensure that we are attentive to the needs and goals of everyone in the workplace. Confidentiality and trust are crucial, and are maintained at all times.