Social Enterprise

We are a social enterprise, which means that we always put people and social impact first.

We exist to improve people’s quality of life.  We are a sustainable business which reinvests a percentage of our profits for the benefit of the wider community of our customers.

We do not measure our success financially; we look at the people who have had their lives made easier and manageable through our work.

It is this that keeps us committed to our ongoing mission to make a difference to people’s working lives, remove the glass ceiling for those with long-term health conditions, and create an open and respectful working environment for all.

Our ongoing social mission is to provide accessible support to employees with long-term health conditions in the Cheshire and Merseyside region who are not able to access funded support, and we will continually reinvest in our business to be able to do so.

“ProAbility is the most valuable intervention I have ever had. The holistic approach enabled me to take control at work. My ProAbility advisor had a non-judgemental, positive approach and I didn’t have to convince her of my situation- she was well informed and had a clear understanding.  Her supportive approach enabled me to make choices. This was very valuable to me after months of hospital treatment when I felt I had no control. ”
ME August 2015

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