What we offer

There are many ways that we can support your employees

Every organisation is different, so our approach to easing the lives of employers and employees in any given situation changes depending on who you are and what you need. We’ll identify exactly what will be useful for you, and keep everything simple, focused and relevant. Here are some of the ways we can help you.

Stress Management Coaching

At ProAbility we offer tailored coaching to help executives and senior management to reduce their stress levels and maximise their work performance. This includes the development of skills to respond adequately to stressful work environments, and to reduce work related stress. Stress coaching specifically focuses on the interaction between the individual and the work environment to facilitate long term, sustainable changes.

We work with a range of employees from those with ongoing stress in the workplace, which is impacting their performance, to those on long term sick who require support to successfully re-engage with work.

We work with the employee to develop their self-confidence through goal setting supported by actions, which are reviewed at each coaching session. There is a strong emphasis on promoting self-reliance and developing a tool kit of coping strategies.

The strengths of our Stress Management Coaching are;

Executive Coaching

We believe passionately that great coaching is transformational for the individual as well as their organisation. Coaching can unlock an employee’s potential to maximise their performance in work.

By working collaboratively with the coachee we challenge their perspective and enable them to;

Specialist Line Manager Training

It is clear from the studies we have conducted on Managing Mental Health in the Workplace and Working with Cancer that Line Managers play a pivotal role in supporting an employee with a long-term health condition. Whilst HR may have a set of clear policies it is how they are translated that is key to the successful support and retention of an employee.

Managing difficult conversations around conditions such as cancer and mental health can be very challenging in the workplace for a line manager with no experience or training in such situations.

At the request of an NHS Foundation Trust we have developed a tailored, 15 minute Line Manager’s Training Module on Working with Cancer, which is to be delivered as part of their training programme. The aim of the module is to enable Line Managers to effectively engage and support their colleagues with cancer, within their employer’s HR framework.

If you have a requirement for a specific workshop/training module which relates to managing long term health in the workplace we’d be delighted to talk through you requirements.

We also conduct group coaching for line managers who are committed to overcoming their challenges and limitations in managing stress, mental health and long term health conditions, such as cancer, in the workplace.

A culture of confidentiality, support and accountability pervades our sessions.

Team Coaching

In high-performing teams all the relationships within the team work well, all members have a clear focus and understand their and their organisation’s goals and needs.

Team coaching is a powerful tool that brings individuals together to develop their skills, awareness and efficiency, leading to a more focused overall performance. It helps teams review performance, boost results, improve communication and build rapport.

Specialist Ergonomic Workplace Assessments

We can provide specialist ergonomic workplace assessments to identify appropriate adjustments to optimise the employees working environment.