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It’s snowing in the Alps and a great start to the season!  If you’d love to go but are feeling a bit anxious then follow our top tips to ensure you create a great environment for yourself.

  • Choose a resort with a good snow record, there’s nothing worse than battling with ice or slushy snow.Aim for somewhere with a wide variety runs, so you always have choices on the type of run you take.
  • Make sure you ski in a mixed ability group. There’s nothing worse than always being last and just as you pause for breath, everyone shoots off down the slope.
  • Choose the right kit – so often a pair of skis and boots are thrust into your hand in the ski hire shop and we just crack on. Take time to talk to them about the type of skiing you do – if you get skis tailored to your ability, they’ll be much more forgiving on the
  • Look good, feel gorgeous. Wear the right clothes – not only a great fit and weatherproof but also make you feel good. There are some great ski outfits out there in all price ranges.
  • When you’re in the resort try and stay away from the busy slopes, often heading off to an adjacent valley can make all the difference. There’s nothing more stressful than having skiers and snowboarders coming at you from all directions.
  • If you’d like to develop your technique but find ski groups intimidating think about investing in a few 1:1 instructor sessions instead, so the tuition is tailored to your needs.
  • Check out the apres ski to ensure its suits your taste, whether it’s a quiet beer or some serious partying on the slopes. It’s all out there, but not in every resort, each one has it’s own vibe. Always worth checking out as apres is an essential part of reflecting and enjoying the great moments of the day.

However, if your anxiety is more deep seated and you’re challenge is managing the psychology of your skiing – that fear factor which holds you back from relaxing into it, then ski coaching will make all the difference.

Our Ski Confidence Coaching Courses are being run in January and March 2019 in Champoluc, Italy in collaboration with the fabulous Ski 2 Ltd.  The aim is to release you from those inner fears and enable you to fall in love with skiing at whatever level. This course isn’t about technical expertise but empowering you to manage your fear of skiing and have fun on the slopes. Consider it as a gift to your family and friends… a gift of those many fun shared experiences ahead of you. We’ll provide a fabulous environment with like-minded individuals, using great coaching techniques to ensure that you discover the magic of skiing.

The focus of the course will be to shift your mindset from one that associates skiing with anxiety and fear to one where you feel calm and confidant. We’ll start with four 1:1 coaching sessions in the UK so that you’ll be well prepared and practised before even putting on those skis. We’ll be using various coaching techniques to enable you to make that shift from anxiety to confidence. By the time you arrive in Champoluc, you’ll have a clear vision of your skiing goal and you’ll understand your fear and know how to manage that inner critical voice, that has been so disruptive in the past. Most importantly you’ll know how to create your positive confidant skiing persona and be looking forward to putting it into practice.

Creating the right environment to enable this transformation from nervous to confidant skier is essential which is why I’ve teamed up with Ski 2 Ltd.They have a fantastic reputation for customer service and their attention to detail is second to none. They will take care of the all the logistics, so we can focus on creating the magic of skiing.

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