Reflections from our happy, confident and empowered Ski With Confidence clients.

The focus of our Ski With Confidence Courses is to free you from anxiety and stress on the slopes.  These courses are all about falling in love with skiing, whatever your level.  We are delighted that our second season of Ski With Confidence Courses is having such a positive impact. All our clients have fallen in love with skiing and experienced that amazing feeling of moving from anxious to confident.

Creating the right environment is  a great starting point. Being in a fabulous Italian resort, staying in gorgeous accommodation with a spa to hand, and enjoying delicious food with like-minded skiers – what is there not to like? We work with Ski 2 Ltd who take all the strain and ensure we have private transfers, a personal ski instructor and a great experience.  All you need to focus on is creating those positive ski experiences and having a great time.

“Fun, friendly, welcoming, relaxed, non-judgemental ethos and approach. Great foundation to build my future skiing experience. Champoluc is a fantastic ski area for people trying to gain confidence.” Julie

With years of ski holidays ahead, our clients were feeling caught between sharing those precious times but dreading it.  They had butterflies in their stomachs when they skied,  were worried about injuries and feeling out of control. They’d all had lessons and were familiar with the concept of how to ski – that wasn’t the problem here. Their challenge was to manage that fear factor which was holding them back.

Our Ski With Confidence package provides 1:1 Ski With Confidence coaching in the UK prior to heading out to Champoluc, to enable our clients to overcome their fear and anxiety and replace it with calm and confidence. These coaching sessions are an essential part of the process. It takes time and focus to shift that mindset from anxiety to calm and confidence. The coaching is continued in resort to develop that positive mindset and put their new found skills into action.

“The coaching sessions were so useful for many areas of my life and I gained some valuable insights” Wendy

“The four “mindset-coaching” sessions on FaceTime prior to the start of the holiday, and the tools and coping strategies you gave me to reduce my anxiety were an excellent preparation and really helped to put me in a positive frame of mind prior to actually hitting the slopes.  It felt great to be actually excited about going skiing instead of being full of fear and dread!” Avelyn

On arrival in Champoluc, we enjoyed the fantastic hospitality of the Hotel Relais des Glaciers and La Rouja and the expert instruction from our talented Ski 2 instructors, who understand the focus on confidence building.

“Kieran, our instructor, was fantastic. Patient, kind and wise beyond his years. The team coaching each morning was a great way of motivating and building on my confidence.” Nicola

Sharing the experience with a group of like-minded clients on the same journey created great team support.

Wonderful group of people, I felt we supported each other and haven’t laughed so much in agesWendy

Our priority is to ensure you overcome your stress and anxiety to release yourself from those fears and feel liberated, whatever your level. Imagine how fabulous you’d feel if you looked forward to each day.

I thought ProAbility and Ski 2 put on a really valuable, and enjoyable experience. I am super excited for my next ski holiday.” Roisin

 Thank you so much for helping to create so many happy skiing memories and so much positivity for the future.” Wendy


“Excited to put my new found skills and anxiety free approach into practice on our next family holiday.” Julie

“The whole experience has increased my confidence and taken me from being anxious and fearful about skiing to genuinely looking forward to my next trip.  This is a breakthrough!” Avelyn

Imagine how proud and empowered you’d feel if this was your feedback from the course……what a great feeling to have finally overcome your stress and anxiety.

The added bonus is that you can take these self-development skills and use them across your life so you have a real sense of purpose, great goals and can step up to be the confident person you need to be in the moment. Just imagine how great that would feel.

Our Ski With Confidence Coaching Courses will take you on that journey to create confidence, resilience and to be empowered.

 Together we can create a great skiing experience!