Think outside the boxCoaching and mentoring techniques are used in businesses to great effect to develop ourselves and our teams.

After all the people within our business are our most valuable asset so it makes sense to develop and invest in them to optimise their initiative, commitment, resourcefulness and passion for their work.

Being part of a business community gives us access to these great self development initiatives.

Being invested in makes us feel valued and empowered – a fantastic feeling.

To know that your business cares about developing you and optimising your potential and invests in your health and well-being is a great thing.

At the other end of the spectrum are the homeless, who are the section of our society that are the least invested in.

Being marginalised in our communities makes those very services, that could make all the difference to your outlook, so much harder to reach.

I am delighted to be ‘thinking outside the box’ with a great team being led by karen sankey to develop a social enterprise model to enable the homeless to access health and well-being services in their community.

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