You may wonder what qualifies me to be a coach – it has been a unique journey. My professional background is in Physiotherapy with an MSc in Ergonomics. Understanding the impact organisational culture, management style, job design and leadership has on an individual’s ability to excel in the workplace fascinated me.  I was particularly interested if the individual had a long-term health condition, such as cancer or mental health, as they often had limiting self-beliefs which restricted their potential in the workplace rather than the medical condition itself.  My passion for coaching and mentoring evolved further when I developed a national Access to Work service for supporting employees with mental health in the workplace. It was seeing the visible and measurable change that my coaching brought about in my clients that led me to move into full time executive coaching and completion of my ILM Level 7 Coaching Certificate.

My area of expertise is enabling senior executives to manage their stress and develop their potential in the workplace.  More specifically I have a wealth of experience in enabling clients with long term health conditions, such as cancer and mental health, to fulfill their potential at senior levels within organisations. My ability to create a safe yet challenging environment for my clients enables them to gain insight and perspective and utilize their strengths to attain their goal.