‘Launch your aerospace business into the future’


We recognise the value and importance of science, technology and engineering in the Aerospace sector.

It is those softer skills By understanding and recruiting to your values you will attract committed employees, who not only love their work, but the environment they work in

Develop and optimise your teams to maximise the potential of your business.

ProAbiliity specialises in introducing the softer skills into Aerospace companies to focus on the people in the business.

We develop resilience and agility to enable you to grow with the fast pace of technology and build strong foundations for future growth.

  • Be strong
  • Be resilient
  • Be people focused
  • Create a great environment
  • Enable your teams to thrive
  • Focus on communication
  • Lead with vision
  • Be agile

A recent example of a project commissioned by British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), the aviation union, to develop resilience in pilots covered the following over a series of interactive webinars:

  • Introduction to Developing Your Resilience and Creating a Positive Mindset
  • Values and Beliefs – Creating your reality
  • Mind the Gap – Managing self-limiting beliefs
  • Creating your Goal – Making it come to life

We worked with Louise to provide support to our pilots that are struggling with redundancy or the threat of redundancy. Louise was brilliant to work with, providing our pilots with useful tools, resources and coping mechanisms that they could utilise and take positive steps to improve their mindset and well-being. We received excellent feedback for the webinar that we hosted with Louise, and many attendees found her interactive style very helpful and engaging. Lizzie Fielder – BALPA Membership & Careers Services

Louise expertly delivers high quality valuable coaching, specifically tailored for each client. She has a deep understanding of the psychology of motivation and has sound advice on ways of achieving a positive mental attitude and focus in times of challenge or change through her pragmatic suggestions that really work.

Her style is open and empathetic and she is adaptable and professional. She is an engaging speaker and delivers with clarity to all levels of audience. Her wide ranging experience from various fields of work and study is clearly an asset to be shared across many industries where clients are looking for resilience in their staff

Louise provided a very structured and interesting approach to dealing with change and how to focus on moving forward, using a combination of psychological techniques and self reflection. The course allowed for better understanding of core personal values and provided practical strategies to address those beliefs that are prone to limit your scope for achievement throughout your life. All delivered with great optimism and support. Really worthwhile training and glad I decided to attend. Thanks Louise!

Louise has been incredibly generous and supportive during hugely turbulent period in my career. Our sessions have been thought provoking and have challenged a number of areas which were limiting my success. Above all, Louise has helped me understand what “makes me tick” and provided invaluable strategies to energise my career search for which I cannot thank her enough