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Looking forward to your skiing holiday?

Bags packed and all ready to go but feeling a little anxious? Skiing can be the most exhilarating and terrifying sport.  There’s the pull of the beautiful mountains and the great apres  to be balanced against the fear of being out of control, hurting yourself and being left behind. At ProAbility we’re completely with you […]

Create Fresh Tracks…..

Let Skiing Take Your Confidence to New Heights. Confidence is the rich seam running through ourselves which impacts on how we deal with challenges. It makes the difference between stepping up and forward or stepping away. Skiing epitomises how confidence effects ability: some seem to steer away from the sport in their 40’s and 50’s […]

Does sunshine impact on our confidence?

The weather in the North West has been wonderful – positively Mediterranean! I’ve really noticed the difference it has made – sunshine makes the world seem so much brighter. More importantly it brings everyone outdoors and creates a far more social environment. You can really see why connectivity is so important for our mental wellbeing. […]