Anxious Ski Mum Who Didn’t Want to Ruin the Family Holiday

A mother of two sought Ski With Confidence Coaching as she and her husband had booked a family skiing holiday. She had skied years ago and it had terrified her, but her family loved the outdoors and she wanted to over come her fear so they could have a great family experience in the Alps. Through the series of coaching sessions she gradually became empowered and her goal of having a wonderful skiing experience became a reality. It was such a success that they booked to go again as soon as they returned home and she described it as one of the best experiences in her life. She described it as transformational because she was able to draw on her new positive, calm persona within all aspects of her life.

Stress Management Coaching

A  business owner sought coaching as she was feeling overwhelmed. She was encountering numerous challenges and was stressed and anxious.  It was causing her sleepless nights, she felt out of control and was unable to gain clarity on the way forward. We discussed  the barriers that were stopping her from gaining clarity on the way forward. We explored the key stressors and how they could be managed to enable her to feel empowered. This enabled her to define her goals and from this point she started to feel like she was regaining some control. The coaching enabled her to identify her options and define her next steps which transformed her perception of her challenges and enabled her to regain her confidence and control.

Working with Cancer

A senior public sector manager was diagnosed with breast cancer and had taken extended leave to enable her to focus on her treatment.  Her employer had been flexible and supportive and had temporarily filled her post to take the pressure off her. However, when she returned to work she trying to cope with the side effects of her treatment and lacking in confidence. She found it hard to reassert herself in her role and was at the point of resigning when she sought coaching. We worked together to understand the barriers she was dealing with, which gave her clarity and enabled her to identify the goals she needed to achieve and feel confident again.

Through exploring her options and choosing actions she was able to re-engage with her work, feel empowered and enjoy being back at work.

Toxic Colleague

An SME Director called me in to work with one of their senior executives. They had noticed a gradual change in his behaviour since a new team member had been introduced. He was becoming less confidant and assertive at work and it was clear he actively avoided the new colleague. His manager had addressed this through informal discussion and recognised the confrontational behaviour he had to deal with. Through coaching, the executive was able to change his perspective of his colleague’s behaviour, understand that it wasn’t personal to him and enable him to regain his confidence and ultimately his performance at work.

The Director then commissioned coaching for the toxic colleague on communication skills. By enabling her to reflect and appreciate the impact she had on her colleagues, to  understand why she behaved in this way and change her perspective, she went onto to enjoy a good relationship with her team.

Career Junction

A high-performing and ambitious operating director came to see me. He had recently become self employed and had two great job offers of contract work to choose from. Whilst he was seeking a fulfilling and challenging career path he was mindful he needed to build his skill set to open up new areas of work. He needed coaching to give him clarity and discern the options available to him and the actions requiured to move forward.  Coaching enabled him to understand his current skill strengths and the gaps which he would like to develop. It gave him real clarity and when he chose the role he did so with certainty and confidence that it was the right one for him.  He later fed back that it both suited his skill set and enabled him to develop into a new area with some great opportunities.

Professional Shipwreck

A senior executive came to see me when he hit a crisis at work – he was in the process of being constructively dismissed after 30 years with the company.  He described it as feeling like he was in a shipwreck, sinking not floating. He’d lost his confidence, was angry and struggling to communicate constructively with his employer. Coaching enabled him to regain clarity and understanding, to develop a calm approach and ensured that he came through the process with confidence and self esteem. He later reflected that coaching made the difference between sinking into depression and attaining a great new role which he loves.

Business Confidant

It’s lonely at the top especially when you’re juggling a complex home life and demanding work life. A client came to see me because she wanted to speak to someone neutral about her challenges at work. Having a coach as a confidant enabled her to share issues, gain clarity and important time to think, reflect and plan her  next move away from the gaze of her colleagues.