Creating Resilience In the Aviation Sector

ProAbility is working with BALPA to support the aviation sector through these unprecedented times with a programme of coaching and webinars for pilots.
Our unique, bespoke programme enables pilots to:

The aviation sector has historically been a trail blazer, after all this is where discipline of ergonomics was refined in understanding man/machine interaction and design in fighter planes in WWII. The Crew Resource Management Model, which is the effective use of all available resources for flight crew personnel to assure a safe and efficient operation, reducing error, avoiding stress and increasing efficiency was adopted in the operating theatres of the NHS to great effect.

The aviation sector is now blazing the trail in supporting their pilots through these challenging time to enable them to move forward in a positive and resilient frame of mind.

Whether you’re an executive  or private client we work together to enable you manage change.  You’ll gain clarity on your way forward, develop coping strategies, and a whole new perspective on managing stress and anxiety.

Together we can manage change or optimise your business’s potential using well proven coaching strategies.

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We worked with Louise to provide support to our pilots that are struggling with redundancy or the threat of redundancy. Louise was brilliant to work with, providing our pilots with useful tools, resources and coping mechanisms that they could utilise and take positive steps to improve their mindset and well-being. We received excellent feedback for the webinar that we hosted with Louise, and many attendees found her interactive style very helpful and engaging.

Lizzie FielderBALPA Membership & Careers Services

Her style is open and empathetic and she is adaptable and professional. She is an engaging speaker and delivers with clarity to all levels of audience. Her wide ranging experience from various fields of work and study is clearly an asset to be shared across many industries where clients are looking for resilience in their staff.

John BurdettAirline and helicopter Pilot