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We work with you to gain a clear understanding of your challenges, and provide flexible and tailored coaching.

Coaching Senior Executives with a Long Term Health Condition

When you have a long term health condition such as cancer, depression or Multiple Sclerosis not only do you have to cope with the physical limitations but their is also its emotional impact.

Working with an experienced coach can help challenge your perspective, in a safe environment, and enable you to develop a more positive outlook and fulfil your potential.

Championing employees with long term health conditions has been at the very core of my business.  From my  first published article  in 1997 “Ergonomics and people with a disability in the workplace” in The British Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, to developing a Mental Health Work Support Service for Access to Work, which is now a national service.

In 2016 I worked in collaboration with The Living With and Beyond Cancer Team at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, to ascertain the challenges of working with cancer from both the employees and employers perspective. It raised some really interesting issues, to find out more please click here

We understand that being in employment is about more than just earning.

It gives us self-worth, confidence, social interaction, routine and an opportunity to be an integral part of a working community.

When you have a long term health condition, these become all the more important.

We know that work is an important part of your long term rehabilitation.

Working with a coach can enable you to take on the challenges of the workplace and find ways to optimise your potential  and extend your employment prospects.

At ProAbility our focus is not only on ‘making life work’ but having a ‘good day at work’.

“ProAbility is the most valuable intervention I have ever had. The holistic approach enabled me to take control at work. Louise’s coaching had a non-judgemental, positive approach and I didn’t have to convince her of my situation- she was well informed and had a clear understanding.  Her supportive approach enabled me to make choices. This was very valuable to me after months of hospital treatment when I felt I had no control.”

ME August 2017