Coaching Costs

The key to a great coaching relationship is building a rapport and trust.  All my coaching begins with an initial, free pre coaching call to ensure that I am the right coach for you and your challenges. The amount of time it takes for each client to achieve their goals and realise their potential varies. However, coaching is not an open ended relationship. The number of sessions tend to be between 6 – 8, each session focusing on a particular goal.

As a benchmark the hourly rate is £160 for coaching.   There can be some variation on this depending on number of sessions booked, geographical location and  additional support requirements.

In addition to the standard Monday to Friday hours the following options can also be offered

7 days a week access

This telephone coaching service is designed for those clients who have an immediate issue they would like to resolve or discuss within 24 hours.

Weekend Coaching Clinics

For those clients who require a more flexible option which enables them to receive their coaching at the weekend, away from work.

Evening Coaching Clinics

This service is designed for those clients that would prefer their coaching to be out of office hours.

Take the first step in re-energising your life and feeling empowered and drop me a line to book a free pre coaching call.

Together we can achieve great things