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introducing the
ProAbility Training Model
Our model sets out our approach and links to further examples of training and the support we offer.
ProAbility Model


We work collaboratively with organisations to really understand where your goals and the challenges you face both externally and within your organisation. We will explore with you your values and how these can be embedded within your organisation to become the Norm.
We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of issues technical organisations face. We will work with you to develop support and training programmes to enable you to achieve your goals, grow your people and ensure you are really ‘future fit’
• We will develop alongside you - robust training interventions which meet organisational requirements.

• People focused - to promote a positive working culture.

• Training compliments technical programmes - providing individuals and teams with the ‘softer skills’ that bring your business to life and create an atmosphere and level of service which attracts employees and customers alike.
Some examples of training courses we deliver are:
• Leading and Managing Teams
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Time Management
• Emotional Intelligence
• Resilience
• Executive coaching is at the core of ProAbility.

• Our training courses are delivered with a foundation of coaching to provide a learning experience that is both knowledge based and evidenced in the workplace through different behaviours.

• We provide one to one and group coaching with leaders and their teams to optimise talent and potential and create a positive team environment.
• We use positive psychological approaches and strengths-based solutions to ensure the coaching experience is goal focused, liberating, and motivational.

• This creates a strong collaborative team approach, based on values, with a clear sense of purpose.
• Creates fresh inspiration and innovation.
• Brings people together with diverse skills.
• Creates learning from each other.
• Opens new channels of communication.
• Boosts morale.
• Finds creative solutions to tough problems.
• You create your own positive culture as you seek and work with others who inspire you.
• Re-energises and motivates you and your teams.
• Creates a goal orientated perspective.
• We are stronger together.
People Focused
Your employees are your most valuable asset, they make your business come to life and create an atmosphere and level of service which attracts employees and customers alike.
At ProAbility we take your business to the next level by working with you to understand your employees and their motivators, develop a positive culture and create a values led business to take you to the next level of success.
Through our consultancy, training and coaching we work with you to:
• Develop your leadership skills - inspire your team.

• Know your employees: their skills, motivators, talents and loyalty.

• Ensure your company values are embedded in daily practices.

• Invest in and develop your employees.

• Create a culture where employees can learn, challenge themselves, take pride in owning responsibility and feel motivated.

• Recruit employees whose values, beliefs and behaviours fit with your company culture. Grow talent from within and succession plan.
In these different times we live in and as Sectors develop, organisations are required to have competitive agility which is reliant on their workforces being energised, adaptable and committed. We leave a legacy of skills and behaviours through our Train the Trainer Programmes, equipping teams to enhance their performance and face future challenges with energy and resilience.
ProAbility Model