Making Life Work



Making Life Work
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Making Life Work


Coaching can be the first step in a life changing experience to feel motivated and empowered in the workplace or in the Mountains.

Welcome to ProAbility

Be the best you can be…..

We work with our clients to enable them:
• To reflect on their successes and challenges,
• To understand their values and vision.
• To know their company culture.
Reflection gives clarity on where your business is today and where you would like it to be tomorrow.
Through consultancy we work to enable you to reconnect with what is important to you; the “Why” behind your business.
We create clarity, focus and great strategies to enable you to build a resilient, dynamic values led business.
We work with you to create energy and motivation in your business. We develop the people in your business, so they feel valued, inspired and committed to take it to the next level.

The focus of our work is developing individuals and the people within your business to be resilient, agile and engaged to create a bright future.

At ProAbility we challenge your norm and make a big impact. We pride ourselves on our ability to make a difference. Are you in a demanding business, juggling a stressful life, lost your sense of purpose or have a long term health condition?  We are here to create that positive change you are looking for.

Do you wish you could change your mindset? Liberate yourself from your inner critique? Gain some clarity on your direction so you can step up and step forward? Then coaching is for you. It challenges your inner anxieties and fears, enables you to gain a different perspective and real clarity on your sense of purpose.

There are many reasons why an individual will seek coaching….

Challenge your status quo. Look up to the person you want to be and take the first step on your journey by working with us to achieve your goals. Together our coaching sessions will help you move forward with your challenge more quickly than working through things on your own. Let coaching lead you to the heart of the matter – fast.

Don’t wait until you are in the grip of a personal or professional upheaval; put your well-being at the top of your to-do list and let’s work together so we can fix it.

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To understand our clients and their values

We think outside to the box to design creative solutions

Challenge what needs to be discussed and disrupt what needs to be changed

Empower our clients to make lasting change

Here at ProAbility we are experts in people development. Let’s take a journey together……..

A company culture that reflects your values creates high morale and an ability to draw talented employees. By understanding your business’s values and embedding them in everyday behaviour you will create a powerful bond with your employees and customers alike. This provides a strong platform for future growth with increased retention rates and succession planning.
Our mindset is key to your success as it will create your reality. After all how can you be a success if you constantly think you are going to be a failure? 

With our coaching you can learn to develop your resilient mindset, manage your stress and anxiety so you can tap into your potential to achieve great things. 
We recognise the value and importance of science, technology and engineering in the Aerospace sector.
ProAbiliity specialises in introducing the softer skills into Aerospace companies to focus on the people in the business. We develop resilience and agility to enable you to grow with the fast pace of technology and build strong foundations for future growth. 
Our training interventions are developed alongside your Senior Leaders and teams and focused on your requirements.  We use a consultancy approach to understand your vision, values and key motivational drivers to develop bespoke and robust training interventions. 
We leave a legacy of skills and behaviours, equipping teams to enhance their performance and face future challenges with energy and resilience. 
Are you overwhelmed by anxiety on the slopes? Would you love to overcome your fear and enjoy the fun? Imagine loving skiing!
How amazing that would feel
At ProAbility we are here to help with our amazing Ski With Confidence Coaching Course
Are you ready to unlock your potential?
Do you want to create the conditions you need to boost creativity and achieve your goals?
Executive Coaching provides organisaitons with an opportunity to invest in talented individuals, enabling them to enhance their performance at an organisational, team and personal level
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Hello, my name is Louise Pode and I am the founder of ProAbility Ltd, a Business and Coaching Consultancy.  My passion and area of expertise are the people in your business. As an Executive/ Development Coach, with 25 years of experience, each client brings a new challenge and the rewards are huge.  From the positive impact the coaching has on their potential at work to their personal development – I have a great job!

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Hello, I am Louise Johnson an associate consultant with ProAbility, specialising in Training, Business Consultancy and Executive Coaching.  I have over 20 years consultancy experience at KPMG LLP where I worked on private and public sectors engagements with a particular focus on Education and Training.

We worked with Louise to provide support to our pilots that are struggling with redundancy or the threat of redundancy. Louise was brilliant to work with, providing our pilots with useful tools, resources and coping mechanisms that they could utilise and take positive steps to improve their mindset and well-being. We received excellent feedback for the webinar that we hosted with Louise, and many attendees found her interactive style very helpful and engaging. Lizzie Fielder – BALPA Membership & Careers Services

“We have just started working with Louise and have found Louise’s approach to Coaching very effective within our business. Louise works closely with the coaching client to enable them to have a different view of the challenge/goal in hand which in turns helps them achieve results. I recommend Louise to any business considering bringing Coaching into their business.”

“I took over responsibility for a team of experienced professionals with a broad but unspecified remit to improve the impact of the team in the business and increase their level of value added activity. Louise helped me define the key aims and output requirements that I needed and then how best to  achieve these through effective engagement with key stakeholders and by motivating and  supporting the team members. She was particularly helpful in challenging me on how others would perceive my actions and ideas and in suggesting ways I could generate greater engagement from colleagues .”

Louise expertly delivers high quality valuable coaching, specifically tailored for each client. She has a deep understanding of the psychology of motivation and has sound advice on ways of achieving a positive mental attitude and focus in times of challenge or change through her pragmatic suggestions that really work.

Her style is open and empathetic and she is adaptable and professional. She is an engaging speaker and delivers with clarity to all levels of audience. Her wide ranging experience from various fields of work and study is clearly an asset to be shared across many industries where clients are looking for resilience in their staff

Louise provided a very structured and interesting approach to dealing with change and how to focus on moving forward, using a combination of psychological techniques and self reflection. The course allowed for better understanding of core personal values and provided practical strategies to address those beliefs that are prone to limit your scope for achievement throughout your life. All delivered with great optimism and support. Really worthwhile training and glad I decided to attend. Thanks Louise!

Louise’s coaching gave me the space and confidence to enable me to lead the process of returning to work so that I felt in control and wasn’t pressurised at any stage.  It enabled me to return to work sooner than i would have done without the independent support.

Louise has been incredibly generous and supportive during hugely turbulent period in my career. Our sessions have been thought provoking and have challenged a number of areas which were limiting my success. Above all, Louise has helped me understand what “makes me tick” and provided invaluable strategies to energise my career search for which I cannot thank her enough

Louise really motivated me and was a great support.  I wouldn’t have had the confidence to have gone back to work after 2 years sickness without Louise’s coaching and now I am back  I’m loving it. 

Prior to receiving support from ProAbility I felt like I was being set up for failure by my organisation.  They put me under huge pressure and if it hadn’t been for Louise I wouldn’t have coped with going back to work.  The independent support made a huge difference.

ProAbility is the most valuable intervention I have ever had.  The holistic approach enabled me to take control at work.  Louise’s coaching had a non judgemental, positive approach and I didn’t have to convince her of my situation- she was well informed and had a clear understanding.  Her supportive approach enabled me to make choices.  This was very valuable to me after months of hospital treatment when I felt I had no control. 

Had I attempted a return to work without the support of Louise’s coaching it would have been disastrous.  I would have over estimated what I could do and over committed myself and the subsequent fatigue and stress would have slowed the whole return to work down. 

I am now back at work and really enjoying it.  my confidence is growing daily.  Without Louise’s coaching I may never have been able to cope with returning to my job. Thank you.  

This is the first time I have had coaching and I am really made up.  I looked forward to our meetings.  My work has never been better and I have just been promoted.

I feel more in control at work and can drive forward my ideas to my manager to ensure that I have a fulfilling role at work.

ProAbility…. Making Life Work

Take the first step…take control of your future.

We’d love to hear from you and are always happy to talk….