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Looking forward to your skiing holiday?

Bags packed and all ready to go but feeling a little anxious? Skiing can be the most exhilarating and terrifying sport.  There’s the pull of the beautiful mountains and the great apres  to be balanced against the fear of being out of control, hurting yourself and being left behind. At ProAbility we’re completely with you […]

Creating confidence on the slopes

Just wanted say a big thank you to the participants of my Ski Confidence Coaching Course in Champoluc. What an amazing 3 days.  The culmination of a series of coaching sessions, to change the mindset from anxious to calm, through to mindfulness ski coaching on the slopes was transformational. “The mindfulness calmed my anxiety, combined […]

Was Yesterday Your Quitters Day? Are you running away from those New Year Resolutions?

If you’re on the verge of quitting…. stop….pause….reflect!   This is a great opportunity to look at your 2019 resolutions in a completely different light.  Rather than focusing on how you can achieve yours, think about how you can help someone else achieve theirs.  So rather than being hard on yourself for not exercising 4 […]