Feel @FreetoSki:

We are delighted to announce the launching of our new Instagram @FreetoSki site with regular posts to build your confidence on the slopes, read testimonials from happy clients and gain top tips to help you manage those skiing nerves.

Maybe you learnt to ski as an adult, had negative experiences on the slopes or injured yourself and find that anxiety on the slopes starts to ruin your skiing.

With so many friends and family loving skiing it can be hard not to feel left out and isolated on your holiday. Inevitably this really embeds that anxiety as you focus on just getting through each day.

Yet you may have had moment when you have experienced the utter joy of skiing, felt the flow of the mountain and loved it –  a short moment of realisation but powerful enough to know that you’d love to have more of that feeling.

Imagine if you could free yourself from that anxiety and allow yourself to  enjoy the moment – how great would that feel?

So is it time to feel free yourself from;

  • Anxiety?
  • Fear of injury?
  • Being left behind?
  • Feeling inadequate?

Are you ready to feel:

  • calm?
  • relaxed?
  • happy?
  • exhilarated?
  • empowered?
  • liberated?

We also run Bespoke Ski Coaching Courses for clients who are ready to overcome their anxiety and  fall in love with skiing whatever their level.  These are a series on 1:1 online coaching sessions which will enable you to understand your anxiety, know how to change your mindset and give you a toolkit of coping strategies to enable you to overcome those nerves.

If you are ready let’s create that skiing magic together!