Nurturing your teams in a growing business

As businesses are expanding the focus is often on developing the business processes to create operational efficiencies and a competitive edge.

But how do you nurture your teams to ensure they too are performing at their best?

Jason Kenny in the The High Performance Podcast talks of the challenges of joining a small team which quickly expands into a large organisation and the importance of continuing to nurture the teams,

This has resonated with 3 conversations this week with SME leaders who are recruiting, growing their customer base and refining their systems but struggling to fully optimise their teams potential.

We are all aware that it is the people in your business who take it to the next level – it’s their enthusiasm, commitment, resilience and energy that gives you the edge over your competitors.

The challenge is having time to focus on nurturing when you’re taking risks and expanding to gain that market edge.

At ProAbility this is the heartbeat of our business and I would like to share my top 5 tips for ensuring you bring your teams with you on your journey of expansion and optimise their talent ….

1. Company Values and Culture
Really understand what your company stands for at its core. Outline each value and the behaviours which show the value is being demonstrated throughout your business. Consider how to embed these values in your recruitment, staff development, reviews and the working environment. Make those values come to life to create a company culture which retains and attracts talent.

2. Listen
Give your colleagues a voice and listen to their perspective. Encourage them to contribute to focus groups, listen to their views and empower them to make decisions. They are your most valuable asset and a rich resource of skills, strengths, initiatives and values.

3. Promote Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience
We never perform at our best if we’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Create a positive culture around emotional wellbeing and resilience. Invest in resilience training and coaching to enable your colleagues to develop strategies so they feel energised by challenges rather than overwhelmed.

4. Create a working environment they can thrive in
Giving your colleagues flexibility, design their job so it plays to their strengths, consider how you train and develop your staff. Invest time in coaching and mentoring rather than generic courses. Understand the value of cultivating a growth mindset in your colleagues.

5. Leadership
Invest in your own leadership skills so you can be future focused, inspire and motivate your colleagues and enable them to feel connected to you.

How are you nurturing your colleagues?

At ProAbility we’re here to help – we specialise in creating your values led culture for your business to thrive in and work with your teams and colleagues to enable them to have the resilience and mindset to fulfill their potential.