Are you making redundancies?

How are you supporting the mental health and wellbeing of employees exiting the business?

How much better would you feel if those employees leaving could move onto future employment feeling positive and resilient?

At ProAbility we are proud to be working with Balpa to support the pilot community where there are mass redundancies and virtually zero global recruitment in the aviation sector. We are running a series of interactive webinars which focus on creating positivity and purpose to develop resilience. Increasing self awareness, managing mental health and wellbeing and developing resilience to enable pilots to move forward with clarity and focus and create a great future for themselves whilst the aviation sector recovers.

These are challenging times for employers and employees alike and we are here to help at ProAbility Championing your positive culture by supporting colleagues exiting the business will inspire your customer and employees alike to create a great business future.

Meet Louise…

Hello, my name is Louise Pode and I am the founder of ProAbility Ltd, a Business and Coaching Consultancy. My passion and area of expertise are the people in your business. As an Executive Resilience Coach, with 25 years of experience, each client brings a new challenge and the rewards are huge. From the positive impact the coaching has on their potential at work to their personal development – I have a great job! Read more about Louise…

Louise Pode - Proability